the minimalist

i stumbled across this web blog a couple of months ago.  the author comes up with some great stuff.  the post i’ve copied below is something i’ve talked about for years with friends and peers.  how do we engage and educate our clients to allow them to be active participants in the design process?  most clients are happy, if not grateful, to simply offer comment or criticism once the design and/or construction documents are complete thus allowing the architect to make the project his/her own vision.  if instead we involved the client at all levels of design and production, how much more satisfied would that client be about the finished product?  the project can only benefit from this.

mnmlist: empower people to create

We live in a world where we are passive consumers: we see an ad for an iPhone, new car, new clothes; we go to the store or website and buy the item; we use it, and then dispose of it when we’re done.

What if we could break free from that?

What if we could become creators, participants, sharers, empowerers?

An awesome article about three guys who not only build bamboo bicycles, but show people how to make them themselves, really highlights how this can be done.

These guys are transforming people from passive consumers to creators, builders, knowledgeable users. That’s amazing.

How can you empower people? How can you turn people from consumers into makers? How can you help people from being passive users to knowledgeable ones?

Change the world — it’s waiting for you.

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