The Row House

The Row House – 3 bedroom/2 bath

Budget – $185 / sf approx.
Square Footage – 1,534
Location: Jacksonville, Florida

This home was originally designed for a local design competition and won “Most Livable Design – 4th Runner-Up”.

The Row House takes cues from classical Craftsman and Charleston styles in residential architecture to create a home that is livable, plain and simple.  No unnecessary frills or decoration or wasted space.  Every square inch of home has a function, a purpose, in daily living.  This is an example of what we try to accomplish with all our residential projects – an easy floor plan, open and generous without being over-sized and a classical elevation fitting for it’s surroundings in color, material and scale.

(Note: Currently this plan is for sale.  If you’re interested in purchasing, please contact us and we will help with construction documents and local planning and zoning. Price for construction documents [architectural only] – $950.00 US)

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