studio pod

Document Cost: $250.00¹

The studio pod is the ultimate in versatility.  A basic 20′ shipping container, either standard height or high cube, with one long side modified to create folding “doors” creating a small covered porch.  The studio pod is an ideal solution if you require a workshop, an artists studio, a small portable gallery space, even a juice/coffee shop.  The simple design and construction allows for ultimate versatility.  The exterior of the container is left exposed and can be painted or even screen printed with a custom logo or other design.  The interior is partially finished with lighting, folding counters and shelves as well as one long base and upper cabinet section for storage or the transaction of business.

The full design is complete with recessed lighting, a small sink with hose bib attachment and (2) solar pv panels for electrical supply.

If you would like to purchase the studio pod, please contact us and lets get started.

¹ – Document cost includes floor plans, reflected ceiling plan, elevations of each principle facade, (1) section and, if necessary, site plan based on site information provided by client. Additional services, documents and consultant coordination may be necessary in your jurisdiction and will be an additional cost.  Please contact us with any questions.

2 thoughts on “studio pod

  1. Send all those families my way! I’ll be happy to hook em up with an efficient and sustainable “pool cabana” or “mother-in-law” suite or “home office” or “workshop”….the possibilities are endless.

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