Oak Street Porch Addition

Oak Street Porch Addition – unbuilt

Client – George Cornwell and Noli Novak
Location – Jacksonville, Florida
Budget – N/A

During the demolition of the home for the initial project, the rear porch was removed because it was deemed unsafe.  The plan was to rebuild the porch as part of Phase II, but has as yet not been constructed (Note: since this original post, the rear deck has been rebuilt by others).  The clients wanted a rear porch that was more contemporary than the rest of the house because it is in the rear and not visible to the street.  The plan was to utilize the existing footprint of the old porch and extend to the inside corner.  Using 4×4 wood guard rails and posts and steel cable horizontal railings a modern minimalist look was achieved and can be constructed for a reasonably low cost.  The new roof overhang is typical wood construction with a copper colored standing seam roof to blend with the existing brick.  The portions of the exterior wall that are not brick will be covered with new waterproofing and vertical siding used as a rain screen.  The existing windows will remain, but will be repainted.  Add lighting and some exterior ceiling fans and the porch is complete.

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