the strip house

Document Cost: $960.00 US¹

The Strip House is compact living at it’s finest.  At 480 square feet, constructed of (1) 40′ and (1) 20′ high cube container comes complete with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, full IKEA kitchen, dining and living spaces.  The main bedroom and bath are housed in the 20′ container while the second bedroom is actually elevated above the living area as a loft space accessible via ships ladder.  The way this is achieved is by removing the top of the 40′ container and framing a wedge shaped top, or roof, creating not just the loft but also a unfinished utility space where we conceal the HVAC equipment.

This design also features a green roof, which could also be an urban garden, rain water collection for washing dishes and flushing the toilet and either gas or electric tankless water heating.  A solar array can be added to the roof to take care of electrical demand (depending on actual location).

The containers are exterior insulated with a minimum 2 1/2″ closed cell spray foam insulation with an additional waterproof membrane and a combination of cement stucco and a vertical wood rain screen.  The wedge shaped roof is coated in a durable, liquid applied roofing membrane and features a single gutter and rain water catchment system described above.

¹ – Document cost includes floor plans, reflected ceiling plan, elevations of each principle facade, (1) section and, if necessary, site plan based on site information provided by client. Additional services, documents and consultant coordination may be necessary in your jurisdiction and will be an additional cost.  Please contact us with any questions.

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