Document Cost: Contact Us for details¹

The second collaborative design, and based on the floor plan of the ISBU Studio, the ISBU Quad is an example of affordable multi-family housing (though it should be noted that this plan does not currently meet fair housing standards).

floor plan - n.t.s.

Grouped into a four-plex, the ISBU Quad can also be stacked a maximum of 3 units high creating a 12 unit multi-family structure that is sustainable, secure and easily shop fabricated to cut down on site construction and erection costs.  Single units can also be combined, creating 2 bedroom units with more generous living spaces.

¹ – Document cost includes floor plans, reflected ceiling plan, elevations of each principle facade, (1) section and, if necessary, site plan based on site information provided by client. Additional services, documents and consultant coordination may be necessary in your jurisdiction and will be an additional cost.  Please contact us with any questions.

4 thoughts on “ISBU Quad

  1. This is an interesting design. I assume one could alter it to turn two of the units into, say, a woodworking shop and a photography studio, leaving the second unit as a guest house. I love shipping container homes and will one day have one built.

    • Brian, thanks for your comments. There aren’t many limits to what can be done with containers. Think back to childhood – legos, building blocks, Lincoln Logs, erector sets. Let your imagination soar. Let engineers worry about how it works. 😛

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