Urban Facelift

UFP – 2 The 809 @ Rosselle

809 Rosselle Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32204

The 809 is a derelict building in an underdeveloped section of Riverside that is in need of help.  The idea here is to propose a new function: restaurant by day, night club by night.  The east wall seen in the photo also becomes a showcase for local graffiti art.  Instead of tagging random walls and defacing public/private property, artists would have a dedicated outlet for expression.

-images coming soon-

UFP – 1 New Market Bistro

1637-1651 North Main Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Originally conceived by Content Design Group in Jacksonville, Florida, the purpose of the Urban Facelift Project is to inspire property owners, business owners and the overall community by showing a building’s possibilities as seen through the eyes of the designer.

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