Daily Prompt: My Life, the Book

From a famous writer or celebrity, to a WordPress.com blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

For many of us, the idea of leaving a legacy after the sun has set on our life is a big one. For architects, that drive to leave a lasting legacy is even stronger, I believe. In college we study ancient architecture, and by extension we also study the architects who envisioned those buildings. We can trace the first architect back to the time of ancient Egyptians, Imhotep (no, not the guy from The Mummy) and all the way to present day starchitects like Calatrava, Kundig, Meier, etc. All through history we can read and even see the fruits of a legacy left by countless architects who have shaped the way we live and the way we build. These are large shoes to try and fill in order to leave our own mark, our own legacy.

But, this is exactly what I hope will be my biographer – my buildings. With all of my projects and all of my clients there are a few things that I strive to accomplish every single time. First, that the clients needs are met both in immediate and future function of the building. This to me is paramount to a successful project. Second, I strive to call attention to the details of a building – the structure, color, materials, the nuts and bolts, the guts. A building should speak about it’s construction and perhaps even the reason behind how it came to be. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I strive to design and construct buildings that will last, that respond to their immediate surroundings and will be adaptable to changes in the future.

If I can accomplish these three things on each of my projects, then I know my legacy is secure, my buildings will speak for me. Can any of us ask for more?