pop-up house : architecture : multipod studio

Beautiful. Simple. Clean. Modern. From a longevity standing I have some issue with the foundation assembly, but that’s easily solvable. This is just another example of inventive thinking in modular residential architecture.


finally a prefab “passive house” that actually looks good. this pop-up house by Multipod Studio, Marseille in france, can be erected in just 4 days and with only a screwdriver (and a couple of hands i’m guessing) they say it is low cost and fills all the requirements for being a passive home. I would live in one without a doubt. AT.

openhouse-magazine-pop-up-house-architecture-multipod-studio-passive-housingopenhouse-magazine-pop-up-house-architecture-multipod-studio-passive-housing 2openhouse-magazine-pop-up-house-architecture-multipod-studio-passive-housing

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