Could You Live In This Tiny House?

Tiny Home living isn’t for everyone (like my wife), but in a world of increased mobility building a life and a home that is more compact and more intentional is an incredibly smart thing. Here’s a great example of a tiny home that packs plenty of comfort in a small package.

Change The Code

One of the key limitations in tiny house design is the fact that they pretty much have to be built on trailer chassis. Many city zoning bylaws actually have minimum building sizes to keep the riffraff out and the property taxes up; many building codes have minimum room sizes and other rules that make it very hard to build small. By having tiny house designs with wheels, it becomes a recreational vehicle and it can sneak under a lot of radars. The kicker is that it is really tough to design a decent space in an 8′-6″ wide (exterior dimensions!) space.


Andrew and Gabriella Morrison have pulled it off in their 221 square foot home. In many tiny house floor plans, designers compromise on something, be it kitchen or bathroom. Gabriella writes:

To our surprise we have not felt, at any point, that we have had to make any…

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