is a project ever too small? – a message to clients

Recently I got to work and dialed up my google+ feed and immediately clicked on the latest blog post over at Studio MM titled “Working with an Architect: Making Sense of Services and Fees”. In that post Marica describes a common interaction with a potential client where the client wonders “is my project too small to interest you?”.

Private Residence - Closet Addition

Private Residence – Closet Addition

I say this is a common interaction, but the reality may be more accurate to say that many clients will automatically THINK this to themselves and never actually seek out contact with an architect or designer to help them with their project. Well, I would like to put this baby to bed by saying that there is no residential project too small for a homeowner to bring to an architect for advice, consultation, design and even construction.

Private Residence - Porch Addition

Private Residence – Porch Addition

I don’t care if it’s a brand new home, a mother-in-law suite, a finished basement, a garage, bathroom renovation, kitchen remodel, dog house or chicken coop. I want to help you design whatever it is to suit the needs of you and your family (furry family included) and get it built on time, on budget and to a level of quality that will last.

Private Residence - Closet Addition

Private Residence – Closet Addition

In short, the purpose, the calling, of an architect is to design the built environment around us. Your project is not too small to involve one of us because each piece of a home matters and how that piece works and relates to all the other pieces is what makes the difference between a home that you love and a home that you just live in.

3 thoughts on “is a project ever too small? – a message to clients

  1. Not sure that I entirely agree with this sentiment. There have been a few times that I’ve spoken with potential clients who would have hired me if I had allowed it, but the truth is that the scope was so small and so uncomplicated, that they would be better served putting what they would have paid me towards possibly upgrading their project. Part of the reason I think architects typically have a good reputation is that we don’t tell people what they want to hear, opting to pass on easy work in an effort to do the right thing.

    • Thanks for the comments, Bob. This is the first time you’ve commented here. Shame on you. It’s not like you’re busy or anything. Jeez. 😐

      As with everything in life, there are extremes. Does a homeowner need to contact an architect when they want to move their toilet 6″ to the left for a little extra elbow room? No, I would say not. There are things that fall below the benefit of hiring an architect. But these would be mostly cosmetic things, in my opinion. What I’m more concerned with stressing in this (exaggerated) post is that there are many clients out there that should contact an architect, but normally would not because of any number of reasons, one of which is assuming their project too small to bother with. This would include major bathroom renovations, master suites, garage additions, kitchen remodels, etc.

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