purpose of drawings part three – definitive drawing

Excellent post on the purpose of architectural drawings. Be sure and read the first two as well! Can’t get enough of Lee’s sketching. One day I’ll be on his level. 😉

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2013-11-06 10.15.34

In our last two posts we looked at drawings as a thinking device and that they tend to develop from very loose and abstract images to defined, scalar representations of the building or space. Today we will look at examples of what most people identify with, the definitive drawing. We will jump ahead in the design process to images that are more complete and beyond most of the conceptual or exploratory phase.

Pardon the esoteric, but I believe drawing is a graphic language and by language I mean it is a means of communication with a logical construct in which one can clearly understand the speaker (author). Every drawing does not serve the same purpose and every drawing has a different audience. I also believe drawing is a language that has a sense of grammar and syntax. Therefore, its logic ought to be followed in order for there to be…

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