is the code cold?

I probably could have said this better (not really), but I figured I’d repost anyway. As an Architect, understanding the building code and the best ways to interpret it really only comes with experience…and a lot of headaches.

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I run up against building code interpretations quite often. I think our ancestors who figured out the Rosetta stone had it easier.

Since most of my work has something to do with an existing building, I often find myself in murky waters. All too frequently, building codes can be difficult to confidently interpret and maneuver for new construction so with an existing building it can become even more confusing. The instance where the public (and architects) have difficulty in understanding the restrictions is on matters that are narrowly specific to their circumstances. The code is written to address generalizations; this is the dilemma.


Normally I have situations where I need to convince, coerce or persuade a client to do something that they do not want to do. I recently had a client ask me to research a matter related to a voluntary but simple handicap accessibility upgrade. It wasn’t a…

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