3 down, 4 to go

I checked online today and BOOM, I passed Schematic Design. 3 down and 4 more tests to go. Lets do this!!


7 thoughts on “3 down, 4 to go

      • do you know what is the shortest amount of time one can schedule these in? could you take all of them in a week…a month?

      • you can take them as many in a day as the testing center is open if you like. I would obviously not recommend that, but it’s technically possible.

        I’m averaging between 3 and 6 weeks of study time depending on the test so far. For condocs I studied the flash cards only. It was almost 100% contracts and construction documents (easiest test so far). BDCS was more of the same. This one was incredibly easy for me but I’ve seen comments from others that this was incredibly difficult…not sure why. SD was easy once I actually sat down and studied the software, but it still took about 2-3 weeks of work to prepare. BS is a lot of mechanical, electrical and plumbing info, so I need to hit the books hard for this one.

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