Daily Prompt: Undo

If I could pick one thing to un-invent what would it be and why.

I would like to tell you all that I would choose a noble and lofty thing to un-invent like the nuclear bomb or microwaves or twinkies – you know, those things that make life more difficult. But honestly, those things were a part of the natural evolution of the human condition and with respect to the A-bomb and microwaves have led to many other technological developments that have vastly improved life. Twinkies should just disappear on general principle. Seriously.

But no, the one thing that I would un-invent, if given the opportunity, is….wait for it…



Seriously. It just makes me angry. Not only does it screw up the bottom of my car, but it causes a most unnecessary interruption in my driving flow. And if I happen to be in my 5spd at the time it means I have to downshift, roll over the thing and then speed away. If ever there was a human invention that was more annoying, I’m sure I don’t know what it is.

Without speed bumps we could all cruise without interruption through residential neighborhoods, school zones, shopping malls and church parking lots like the good ole days. Ah, Utopia.

1 thought on “Daily Prompt: Undo

  1. …love it, preach it. Think about how many people were going about their day happy as a clam and then hit the speed bump, spilled their coffee on their lap, cussed loudly only to be heard by the person on the cell phone (which went flying) and ruined their new pants because of the coffee and…well…let’s not go there.

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