big news, big changes, big move

Running on the coat tails of my recent post about taking a leap of faith in business, we’ve got some big news that has been confirmed.


Little Rock, Arkansas – downtown skyline

That’s right, r | one studio architecture will be taking a hiatus for a little while as I join forces with Ruby Architects, Inc. out of Little Rock, Arkansas. While I certainly enjoy having my own name on the drawings, this is going to be an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a designer and Architect (hopefully in the not so distant future) and expose myself (think clean thoughts people) to a whole new community of architects and designers. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of a small team of dedicated and passionate professionals and to begin a new adventure in a new city and region of the country.

So, please bare with me as we make this move. Post may be less frequent than they have been for a while as we get settled into our new home and my new position.


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