Man. Don’t even get me started on the testing process for Architects. Seriously….just don’t. :-\
I’ll be following this blog closely over the next several months…or years. You should too.

the artichoke's guide

I’m starting this blog as a personal study tool for the A.R.E. with the hopes that others will stumble upon it and find it useful/share their wisdom/voice their frustration/celebrate their victories. I’ve only just begun the marathon that is the A.R.E. which I’ve decided to embrace after months and months spent thinking about how I wasn’t going to take it (even though I continued to track my IDP hours).

What changed, you ask?

1. After 5 years in the real world, I feel like my brain has finally recovered (I hope) from the insanity that is/was architecture school.
2. 4+2 years of school (read: debt) means that I feel the need to make those degrees (read: the money I’ve spent/am paying until 2023) worthwhile aka I didn’t go to school for 6 grueling years to have someone else with the same degrees stamp my drawings.
3. I’m a competitive person…

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    • It would have been easier if, after 7 of the former 9 tests I didn’t have to start over under the new system….oh the earful they got from me that day… :-/

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