kitchen remodel – cont.

Yesterday I posted some images of a kitchen remodel I’m working on. And, as a friend pointed out in his comment, these posts are much less about putting my work out there for posterity and much more to do with the process that a architect and/or designer goes through to craft the best solution to your project needs. And it is just that – a process. A process of putting ourselves in the client’s shoes and drawing on our knowledge of building, psychology, sociology and technology to arrive at a solution that will function in the desired way, be sensitive to budget, materials and color, and will even be adaptable in later years as life and circumstance may change.

Now, I’m not making big bucks off this project. I’m charging a small design fee, by the hour and making every minute count. This project won’t make it into the magazines and more than likely will not be noticed by anyone outside of the client’s own small circle of friends and family. What this project will be is the end product of the process I described above.

With that, here are Conceptual Floor Plans in succession.

Conceptual Floor Plan No. 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, Conceptual Plan No. 1 is mostly in keeping with the existing interior configuration. Only the Kitchen and adjacent living space are considerably altered by removing a wall and door opening. But even in these simple, mostly cosmetic, moves we have created a space that is more open, functional and adaptable to changing lifestyles.

Conceptual Floor Plan No. 2

Conceptual Plan No. 2 involves a considerable amount of demolition and remodel. First, you’ll notice the large closet at the entry is removed to make a more grand entry and open formal dining space for entertaining. Moving into the kitchen, things are much the same though the island was reduced and a breakfast bar added. The laundry room is also remodeled in this scheme to allow for a high counter with base and upper cabinet storage.

Also, the client has a desire not to have the bathroom open onto the formal dining room (I completely agree), so we’ve relocated the door and mirrored the fixtures. This will require slab demo and plumbing work, which will drive up project costs and time, but the client is aware and willing to make that sacrifice to relocate the bathroom entry.

Conceptual Floor Plan No. 3

Conceptual Plan No. 3 is similar to No. 2, but with a few interesting changes. First, the large entry closet is reduced to a small coat closet and the remaining space converted to a counter with bar sink. The Kitchen, though similar, is now extended into the laundry space by removing the wall and door and adding a pantry cabinet, counter and stacked washer/dryer. The bathroom also retains it’s reversed position.

These three designs, while they appear to be variations on the same themes, represent a good deal of work and thought into the client’s wants, needs and desires for his project, how the spaces should and can function within a defined building envelope, and finally keeping in mind the remodel process and how that will relate to the budget and the experience of a family living in this home during construction.




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