Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes quick and dirty projects can be the most fun. They don’t require a lot of time, typically have very low fees/budgets and are almost 100% design in nature. This can be both a positive and a negative in terms of a architects flexibility.

With this kitchen remodel, the client asked me to first model the existing kitchen and adjoining spaces in SketchUp, and then propose a conceptual design. There is an existing formal dining space and living space left and right of the main entry hall and stair. This hall leads straight to the kitchen with a large closet to the left. The kitchen itself is fairly small for the amount of square footage in the home, but it was most likely built in the late 80s or early 90s by the looks of the photos.

existing kitchen – sketchup model view

The program is simple. The family eats together, informally, most days in the kitchen by way of a small round table. Adjacent the kitchen is a family room seldom used and a family room adjacent to that. They’d like an eat-in kitchen that is more open and more functional while still allowing for family gatherings in the formal dining room. This is accomplished by removing the wall between kitchen and existing family room to create a large open kitchen and dining space with island and bar seating.

conceptual floor plan no. 1 – hand sketch

As you can see with just a little demolition we’ve considerably opened the floor plan allowing for a more free circulation. Future iterations are to follow as the plan is developed. Additional scope is already being talked about with regard to the 1/2 bath and laundry area. I’ll update this post as more sketches are developed and refined.




4 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel

  1. Jeremiah, I like the open spaces but living the experience I think that you can comunicate and them adding cristal slice doors

  2. Jeremiah, I think these types of posts are more about showing the design process and how it can be accessible to all. Without the typical flashy drawings (which you are capable of doing), it shows the real side to design with the working out of good ideas. In other words, everybody needs to believe an architect can make something better out of what they have. Glossy magazines only make them think they can’t have good design. They are “Design without Reach”. We’re eager to see it develop.

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