“a quick cad drawing”

this is why you hire qualified people to draw, detail and oversee construction.

I’m going to go off on a little rant for a moment. Please stay with me. I have officially had it with hearing the phrase/question “you can do that real quick in cad, right?” From potential clients, employers, consultants and contractors alike, this gets under my skin like the plague and just festers and rots inside until it finally comes boiling out of my eyes and ears like a rancid explosion of bile.

First, NO, I can not do it “real quick” in autocad. Why? Because autocad is a tool, a specialized tool used by professionals trained in architecture/engineering in order to properly detail a building that PEOPLE will occupy. If I do it “real quick” more than likely something will get screwed up and people could die. Ok, probably not but still… So in order to properly draft and detail said building I need to research building codes and look at the site and the existing conditions, the surroundings, neighborhood, zoning codes, etc. I need to look at what the most appropriate materials will be for the project and how does that get detailed in a wall section or elevation.

Second, if it was so friggin easy and “quick” don’t you think everyone would be able to do it thus making me obsolete? Again, I’m a professional using a set of tools in order to create a set of documents that a contractor will use to build your home/office/taco stand/whatever. Do you want it “real quick” or do you want it done right by someone who is paying attention to the details required to ensure that you and your family/community are safe?

If you want it “real quick” there are 10,000,000 people in foreign countries all over the world who will happily take your money and give you something slightly resembling a drawing that one day someone MIGHT be able to decipher into additional documents so that you can get a permit.

If you want it done right and constructed in a manner that is safe, secure and will last beyond the life of your ownership, hire me or one of the thousands of trained architects and designers who will take your ideas and your dreams and make them reality. Just be willing to pay for it. All this good stuff ain’t free and it ain’t cheap neither.

3 thoughts on ““a quick cad drawing”

  1. Great points. I “love” unsolicited advice about how easy it is to do something. Moreover, they don’t want to pay for quality work, but rest assured you’ll be in trouble if you do a poor job. Cheers to you.

  2. “A quick cad drawing” loved the way you expressed yourself Jeremiah. Cheap and quick is the mantra these days… one of the more frustrating aspect of our kind of work we have to endeavour day in day out…

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