current work in development

If you’ve been paying attention to my twitter feed lately you know that I’ve several projects currently in development on top of my “day job” duties, and this certainly makes for a very interesting time for me. The concepts of “time” and “scheduling” have taken on new meanings completely. But I’m grateful to be helping my clients realize some very exciting architectural visions.

The first project currently in development is a shipping container home in Seattle, Washington for a couple of quote “raging left-wing hippies”. 😉 Using 53′ containers we’re creating a ground level work/machine shop with office, bathroom and large open work areas. Stacking the containers two high for this space, we create an interior volume with +/- 20′ ceilings for creating large art installations, working on cars, or just partying and getting loud. 🙂

image copyright 2012 r | one studio architecture

image copyright 2012 r | one studio architecture

The second floor is dedicated to a home office and one bedroom, one bath living space with kitchen/living/dining. One container is cut and reinforced to create a large open deck with views west to the Olympic National Park across Puget Sound. It’s going to be amazing.

The next project has been removed at request of the client.

So, two of the most current projects I’m working on. I hope you enjoy the images and as always criticism and critique are always welcome.


2 thoughts on “current work in development

  1. Nice work, Jeremiah, thanks for sharing!
    The shipping container house is intriguing- What a great opportunity to work on such an innovative project… Looking forward to further updates as things move along, as well as learning more about the design and coordination process in terms of construction, codes and detailing. In the meanwhile, I hope all continues to go smoothly, and good luck with the work/schedule balance! (If you find the secret to doing it all, please share! 😉
    Cheers, Lauren

    • Lauren, thank you! I’ve a few very exciting projects right now. I’m still in a bit of shock, but hey, I’m going for it.
      The container home is going to be a really cool process. It will be my first built container home and I’m working with a structural engineer out of Atlanta who has experience in container construction, so I’m sure it will be a relatively smooth process. 😛 I’ll be sure to post updates as they develop!

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