This is an awesome post. I had to share it. Remember that while building codes are not perfect (don’t even get me started on the new Florida Building Code) they are designed to a minimum standard in order to preserve the health, safety and welfare of the public…that means YOU.

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Apart from discussing building codes as they relate to existing buildings, I’ve been silent about this issue up until now. Maybe I should stay that way, but something from earlier this week is triggering my rant.

Please don’t stop reading yet, I promise some sarcasm.

First, let’s establish some balance on this issue because people in my region (and I’m sure yours too) are incessantly complaining about the building codes and zoning ordinances being too strict as if it’s my fault. Really? I will be the first to say that building codes (and zoning ordinances) frustrate me often and I work hard to interpret them. The ambiguity can make designing difficult and common sense seems to be elusive. However, I found that the more I fought them, the more frustrated I got. So my new attitude is to stop apologizing for them.

Safety first :: It’s pretty obvious that codes…

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