design concept rendering – architects’ office

This is one of those instances where I submitted a proposal for a project and just got too excited about the ideas in my head that I had to move forward with the design….even though I most likely won’t get the job. Oh well. It was a fun couple hours of design.

The program calls for  6 work stations and a loft conference/meeting space crammed into 30 sqm. The assumption is the volume is high enough to allow the loft, but it’s still tight. Using IKEA office solutions I arranged the 6 work stations with storage (not enough room for reception unfortunately) and added a simple modern stair to the loft. The lighting is surface mounted for an industrial look and the colors are simple – orange, dark gray and white (all matte finish).

view from entry - copyright 2012 r | one studio architecture

view at loft - copyright 2012 r | one studio architecture

6 thoughts on “design concept rendering – architects’ office

    • Steve, thanks for the comments. You’re the second person to ask about the handrail. 😛 I didn’t put one in. This was literally a 2 hour design from start to finished rendering. If I get the job, I’ll add in the handrail and refine a few other details like flooring and human scale figures, etc.

    • Thanks, Lee. I use SketchUp for the modeling. For the rendering I used Podium, a plug-in for SketchUp. It does amazing interior renderings. I prefer IDX Renditioner for exterior renderings. Podium is a little too soft and cartoon like with exteriors.

  1. Great result! I like the way you’ve created an industrial look that still looks like a comfortable space to work – that orange definitely adds a bit of depth and warmth, and the loft is super-stylish. Thanks for posting!

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