manic monday – the architect is in the details

They say “the devil is in the details”. And they are usually right, except for today – today they are wrong. So there. 😛

I prefer to think that the architect is in the details. Details, while never perfect, are the “guts” of a set of construction documents. And well thought and well crafted details not only tell a contractor how to properly construct a building, but in my opinion they are also quite beautiful and even, dare I say, artful?

Design is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. Design is typically the one thing that keeps me from jumping out my first floor window most days. But taking the time to properly detail a project that is headed for construction can be just as enjoyable and I think most architects and even a few interns would agree with me.

I kept is short and sweet this week, because, well, I’m blessed enough to be fairly busy. 🙂


3 thoughts on “manic monday – the architect is in the details

  1. this is timely for me…i just got back from Chicago, saw lots of Mies work…he was more than ocd about details…he was definitely in the details.

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