manic monday – architects and bloggers part II

Last week I talked about a question that was asked of one of the students in the UF critique – “who is your favorite architect”. And I posed the question of why we immediately gravitate to high profile starchitects instead of the local or regional “good ole boys/girls” who do exceptional work, but perhaps aren’t on the cover of ArchRecord or Dwell. I even gave a list of some of my favorite local architects as examples of those deserving of recognition not only for their work, but also for their contribution to our profession.

This time around I want to give a huge shout out to some not-local architects and designers that I admire and follow. Again, these are architects that not only produce work that, in my opinion, is noteworthy, but also contribute in a significant way to the profession as a whole. These are my “starchitects”, if you will.

lee calisti architecture + design

life of an architect – bob borson

coffee with an architect – jody brown

build, llc

vermont architect – robert swinburne

There are many, many more that I could list. I’m sure most of you, even those of you ON this list, could add names of architects that have impacted your career, your practice, or just your daily life as a professional. And this is exactly what I encourage anyone reading this to do – add an architect, designer or firm of your own starchitect. Be sure to add a link to their site so we can all find them without digging through google. 🙂 Time to stop looking to Mt. Olympus for inspiring figures and look around the corner.


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