mid-century modern….container?

We all love Mid-Century Modern homes don’t we? Those sleek lines, low sloping roof profiles, deep overhangs and exposed jutting roof girders. Ah, just sit back and bask in the glow of the modern-ness (shut up, it’s totally a word).

image courtesy of stardustmoderndesign.com

Looking back to the modern style of residential architecture (I can’t believe we have to “look back”…but whatever) there is a beautiful simplicity to their designs yet such complexity in style, material, color and above all experience. The mid-century modern style saw a departure from the segregated and compartmentalized arrangement of previous vernacular designs and offered a new way of living that was more appropriate and more flexible for the nuclear family. Spaces are designed to be open and free flowing. The connection to the outside (even if it is the backyard) is encouraged.

So I say, why can’t we bring it back in a new modern mid-century style by using shipping containers? That’s right baby!

plan sketch - n.t.s. - 2br/2bth - 960 sf

Above is just the first sketch of a home I’m designing that couples the design sensibilities of mid century modern design with container architecture. Thoughts, comments, critiques, ridicules are all welcome. Give it your best shot – I dare you! đŸ™‚

Model images coming soon.

9 thoughts on “mid-century modern….container?

    • the thing I appreciate most about those houses is that the floorplans were very well planned. no wasted space, great flow. not an easy thing to achieve. perhaps we need a new Case Study program?

      • I agree. Mid Century Modern homes were sort of the beginning of “minimalist” living. There was typically not an excessive amount of “storage” like you see in modern homes today. They were designed for LIVING in rather than being a repository for “stuff”. I think there is a lot that architects and builders could learn from studying this style of home and applying those lessons to contemporary home design.

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  2. Up top it says, “Model images coming soon” yet I was never able to find any on your website… Are they to come, and if so how soon??? thanks in advance…

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