shedworking – the new home office

One of the blogs that I follow showcases shedworkers as well as companies that fabricate and sell small office sheds. Originally I stumbled on to blogs like this while researching how to accommodate multiple functions into smaller spaces as it applies to container homes. But I wondered, even then, if this was going to be a growing phenomenon in the entrepreneurial world and, if so, how could I help?

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So first let’s talk about what “shedworking” really is. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with your dad always telling you he was going to “take you out to the woodshed”…that’s a whole different tale to tell. “Shedworking” is simply a situation where you want to are forced to work from home but you’re tired of working at your dining table with the kids running around, the dog under your feet and your wife constantly asking you to “help me for just one second”…it never really takes just one second, does it?

Shop 160 - Garden Shed by r | one studio architecture

So while you’re cleaning the Cheerios off your keyboard for the third time in an hour, you think to yourself “there has to be a better way”. And of course there is! Shedworking! “But where do I find one of these magical places of wonder and freedom?” I’m so glad you asked. They are EVERY WHERE! There are companies high and low that offer solutions for every budget, every style and every one.

Here are some of the companies that I’ve found that make some damn archisexy products for shedworking:

The Home Office Company
Smart Garden Offices
Atelier Garden Studios

While these companies are all based overseas, most, if not all,  offer shipping options to the US. Also, simple searches will turn up a variety of companies right here in the good ole US of A (like ME! – see the Studio Pod).

So the bottom line is, if you’re an entrepreneur and need dedicated space but don’t feel comfortable going the coworking or office suite route, shedworking just might be for you and at a reasonable price.

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