privacy – a modern illusion – #letsblogoff

Privacy (pronounced with the short “i” and always in a British accent) is a modern illusion. Everything in our modern lives prevents a true idea of privacy. Your cell phone has a gps tracking device in it that broadcasts your location 24/7, your computer has a webcam that can be hacked and again broadcast your location and whatever you happen to be doing at that moment (take your finger out of your nose…it’s just gross). Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Tumblr, all social networks are nothing more than a way for us to broadcast our most private moments to the world for immediate consumption and comment.

The only real privacy anyone has anymore is in their home, under a blanket with all the shades drawn. And even then, your home, your privacy, can be invaded and defiled if even the slightest suspicion is raised about your character and social allegiances in defense of “national security”.

Many will say that the 4th Amendment protects us from this type of “illegal search and seizure”, but these people would be wrong because they’ve obviously never heard of the Patriot Act which essentially suspends the 4th Amendment if you are suspected of being linked to a terrorist organization. In which case, any suspicion no matter how ridiculous is grounds for a search warrant, wire taps and even sometimes arrest.

The bottom line is, technology and politics have destroyed any notion of privacy in modern life. And, in America, it has happened at the will of the people and under the guise of “defending our national interest”. Unfortunately true freedom, true liberty, true privacy comes with a cost. And that cost has been more than many Americans have wanted to bear.

2 thoughts on “privacy – a modern illusion – #letsblogoff

  1. I have believed for years that America will slowly give up more and more freedom for security. Short of moving out into the wild like Grizzly Adams, we’re bound by the illusion you described.

    • That security is an illusion also. If someone wants to do this country, or you, harm they will find a way. If we follow this line of thinking to an ultimate conclusion, then within our generation we will be living in a totalitarian state completely under the control of a centralized government all under the guise of “protecting” the people.
      Allow people to protect themselves and they’ll be much safer, in my opinion.
      The same goes for privacy. Our privacy, our own lives, should be under our own control, rather than giving that control over to the government. It hasn’t happened slowly either. It’s only taken 80 years for more than 50% of the public to become completely dependent on government for their survival. And it is only increasing with the new health care law getting ready to kick into high gear, a stagnant economy putting more and more people on the SS/welfare payrolls. The cost will continue to increase while our freedoms dwindle ever more. Have you ever seen Brazil? Go watch it. It’s where we’re headed….and soon.

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