daltile slimlite panels

I don’t think I’ve ever used my blog space to endorse a product before, but I came across this in my email today and have to say that it is quite spectacular!

Daltile, with which we are all intimately familiar I’m sure, has come out with their Slimlite tile panels. They are suited for residential as well as commercial use, interior or exterior, floor or wall, freezing or non-freezing conditions (provided you take a few extra steps). And that’s all well and good, but what really struck me was the SIZES available with these new tile panels. The largest standard size comes in at 39″ x 118″!! That’s nearly 10′ long!

Now, all I need is a client who thinks these are as fantabulous as I do and wants to use them on their next home/renovation project! Go check it out for yourself at the Daltile website.

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