20 years of architecture – #letsblogoff

This month’s LetsBlogOff asks “what will your life look like in 20 years?”. This is similar to the age old question that every high school graduate is asked – “Where will you be in 10 years”. It’s an interesting question to ask and an interesting exercise to engage in. It requires you to think about your upcoming life in an exciting way. It allows you to dream and make plans at the same time. I think this is important for everyone to do at various stages in their life – to look ahead, to dream and to make plans, set goals. But for me, 20 years is a really long time. Too long, in fact, to have meaningful dreams or to make effective plans. In 20 years my three children will either be done with, or nearing the end of, college. I’ll have been licensed and practicing architecture for almost 3 decades, I’ll have been married for almost 25 years. In 20 years, who I am today is NOT who I will have become.

Instead of thinking about the next 20 years, and trying to hypothesize who and what I’ll be, I’ll focus on something more manageable – the next 2 years.

Where will I be in 2 years? What can I accomplish with 24 months worth of time? With a limited amount of time, our dreams and aspirations can become more clear, they can crystallize into a practical series of steps forward, one building upon the other, in a way that we experience DAILY triumphs, victories and lessons learned.

In 2 years – I’ll be a licensed architect.

In 2 years – I’ll have built at least 1 shipping container home that moves toward off-grid living.

In 2 years – I’ll move to a new city.

In 2 years – I’ll have my own practice.

In 2 years – I’ll have helped my clients realize a myriad of project types on budget and in keeping with their vision emphasizing sustainability and responsibility.

In 2 years – I’ll be a Architect, working to further the profession for the next generation, fostering responsible design and construction practices and helping my peers and contemporaries do the same.

In 2 years I’ll be 2 years closer to 20 years of architecture.

3 thoughts on “20 years of architecture – #letsblogoff

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  2. Actually, two years is a bit more manageable. And at my age (66) a bit more realistic!!!! Actually, I would be very happy if, in the next two years I succeeded in finishing our home remodeling. We are SOOOOOOOOO tired of the current kitchen!

    • Joseph, thanks for the comments. And, hey, send pictures of that remodel! Details detail details! Always welcome. My wife and I own a 1918 Craftsman that is…..”in progress”…and most likely will be for some time yet. 😉

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