House the World – Jamaica

I’m so excited about this project and this organization.  House the World is a non profit organization who’s mission is:

“to provide sustainable housing solutions through open-source development. Our adaptability to ever changing scenarios, integrity to provide honest solutions, and charity to the poor defines the organization. House The World hopes to inspire others through transparent teamwork that leverages talent and aligns resources to help those in need. House the World will make a difference by providing safe, habitable, and vibrant housing solutions for people living in poverty. House the World’s long-term goal is to use technology to enhance collaborative networks, inspire others to help the poor, and provide culturally and geographically specific housing solutions for communities.” –

I was contacted by one of the founding partners of the organization to provide designs for a affordable single family residence that could be partially fabricated offsite and finished with local materials and labor in developing/struggling nations around the world.  Their first “site” is Jamaica.

I got a little overzealous and actually created two designs for them.  One is a design that I’ve been working on as a relief shelter that can be fabricated offsite, completely finished, dropped on site and be ready to go as an off grid shelter.  The second is a combination of shipping containers and earth bag construction, creating a design that is able to be constructed half offsite and half onsite with locally sourced materials and labor.

Both of these designs will be published as open source under a creative common’s license, which means that anyone can offer their own input to either alter or improve the original designs in order to make the most efficient and cost effective residence possible.

Concept No. 1

image copywrite 2011 - r | one studio architecture &

Concept No. 2

image copywrite 2011 - r | one studio architecture &

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