a huge shout out and thank you

I’ve been at this blogging thing for a while now – coming up on 2 years to be exact.  I did not start this blog to be famous or to get lots of followers or clients or pick up chics or anything like that. I started this blog because I wanted to have a place to show my work (cause almost none of it has been built so far…) and to create an outlet for my musings on all things architecture, design and professional practice (I’m a legend in my own mind).

And in this pursuit I hope I have been successful and enlightening and entertaining and caused you to question some things about the “norm” in architecture. But that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here because over the last 8 months I have seen a monumental increase in readership on this blog and I need to take a moment and thank those who I have been lucky enough to associate with who have helped me along the way.  I truly would not have reached the level of influence I have without a bare few who said “hey I like what you have to say. tell me more.”  And allowed me a spot on their own digital platforms.  But before we get to that list, let me just show you how these few have affected what I’m trying to do each day.

blog stats from November '09 thru June '11

Above is a snap shot of individual hits to my site since it’s inception in November of 2009.  As you can see….well, I was unpopular the first year.  But that’s ok because anything worth doing is worth doing right and taking the time to build up. *editor’s note: snapshot taken on June 30th at mid day*

As you can see, since November of 2010, I’ve had a steadily increasing number of readers hitting the site. This is a result, almost unanimously, due to my experiments and investigations into container housing design and construction.  And also, thanks to those few bad ass bloggers listed below who have either supported me with tweets/links/posts/etc or allowed me a place on their blog rolls. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you’re not there it’s ok, I’ll still respect you in the morning. 😛

Bob Borson – Life of an Architect
Molly Block – Contained: All things container
Ronique Gibson – Stagetecture
Jody Brown – Coffee with an Architect

A special thanks to these mentioned above, and others who continue to support this blog (against all better judgement I’m sure) and to everyone who clicks a link and takes 5 minutes out of their day to read what I’m slingin. Thank you, thank you and thank you!


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