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What’s your favorite show on TV? What’s the show you’re hooked on but are kind of embarrassed by? Are you a dyed in the wool Gleek? Can you rattle off the names of this season’s Bravolebrities? Now’s your chance to come clean and stand up for what you like. No one will laugh at you, we promise. – Lets Blog Off Crew

I’m a huge TV/movie dorkThere isn’t much that I haven’t seen and if I haven’t seen it it probably sucks anyway, so why go out of my way? 😛  Growing up I watched some very eclectic programming.  Nick at Night was one of my favorite stations as a kid because they played old episodes of The Honeymooners, Mr. Ed, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy and The Patty Duke Show.  And occasionally I would get to stay up and watch Mystery Theatre on PBS.  I wasn’t really into much that was out in the early to mid 80s.  Perhaps the occasional He-Man, Mask or Transformers cartoon, but that was really about it. 

And now, as I’ve gotten a little older, wiser and more handsome, I try to look for programming with substance.  There needs to be something going on, a story, a lesson, a reason for me to sacrifice 60 minutes or more of my time that I will never get back.  For this reason, I CAN NOT STAND reality television….I just can’t.  It makes my ears and eyes bleed. I just can’t do it.  And I certainly don’t understand how anyone else can either.  I mean, honestly what the hell is the draw to shows like American Idol or America’s Got Talent or (for the love of God) Jersey Shore?

Ugh, the fake boobs, the fake tan, the fake accent, the fake drama…aside from the “train wreck” phenomena what in hell are you getting from these shows? NOTHING! You’re losing valuable brain power and reasoning skills to these mindless humps parading around television as if their latest failed relationship or most recent singing/dancing/acting/tumbling blunder somehow matters to the cause of humanity in any way shape or form…I mean, really….AM I MISSING SOMETHING?!

*blood pressure spike*

OK.  I’m better now.

Television used to be about entertainment, presenting a story, a drama, a comedy, something with substance, and an expression of the acting art form.  Now it seems to be a display arena for all the reasons China got it right when they started requiring approval to procreate.  So, as you can imagine I don’t watch a whole lot of sitcoms.  I do watch a few.  Some of my favorites are: Bones, House, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, NCIS and So You Think You Can Dance (the only reality show I can stomach).  These shows offer some of the things listed above and I can say that I don’t mind sacrificing a little of my life to watch them.  On some level I can take something away, something to ponder, some lesson or insight and this makes the time commitment worth it to me.  Otherwise my tv would be just a large paperweight collecting dust.


5 thoughts on “guilty (tv) pleasures – letsblogoff

  1. If you want to really learn a whole lot, you should really watch Lost. I can’t even tell you how much craziness I picked up from that show (Book recommendations, theorist’s ideas, philosophers’ theses, life lessons, survival techniques, medical knowledge, military lessons, etc). Just sayin’.

    • OH man. I tried watching that one. Got a half dozen episodes into the first season and just couldn’t do it any more. Way too much weird shit going on too soon with no explanation. :-\

  2. I completely agree with your comments on reality TV. Absolute total waste of time. And that crap is infecting everything these days. It used to be that you could get some good information on on how to do things, especially with home improvements. Now, more and more, it’s some kind of “contest” with a manufactured deadline they just have to make, and will they, will they, will they! Absolute total crap!

    • Ha! Thanks for your comments Joseph. So very true, so very true. Don’t even get me started on a lot of the HGTV type renovation and DIY shows…COMPLETELY unrealistic for the average person. I could go on about this. Maybe in another post.

  3. I totally agree w/you regarding reality television. Why do you think I watch reruns of ’80s sitcoms? Fake boobs & choreographed fights are not entertainment. Ironicially, the only reality show I watch is “So You Think You Can Dance” because a local kid was a finalist last season.

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