shop 160 – home office pod

A while back I did a design called “studio 20”, which was an idea I had for an office/shed in my backyard.  Well, I’ve refined that idea a little and come up with shop 160, which is an office pod for a work-from-home architect or other professional. The space has two work stations, wall storage on either side for product and project binders…or whatever else will fit on a shelf.  It’s assumed that in-house printing would be done on 11×17 and any full size printing would be done via remote server at a printing house, or hopefully your jurisdiction accepts digital plan submissions.  For smaller firms this can be ideal because you don’t have to pay for or maintain the infrastructure of a plotter.

Since this is a “work from home” office pod, there is no plumbing provided in this design, but if you took a second container and arranged the pods in an “L” configuration you could deck between, creating a “work” pod and a “service” pod where you have typical office storage, a restroom and small lounge space.  The deck between could also be used as an indoor/outdoor flex space.

Young entrepreneurs are, by default, disposed to work in small home office spaces as a way to save overhead as well as minimize the space needed to conduct work which lends to a well organized and efficient work environment.  Shop 160 provides exactly that, but OUTSIDE the home where the distractions of children, the “honey-do” list and daytime television are not present; not to mention having a place to take clients that doesn’t involve walking through a private residence or having to order coffee and a bagel to get a seat.  Also, if a business needs to expand, these pods can not only be moved to alternate locations, but can also be combined easily to accommodate multiple work stations and functions.

Please email me for more information about purchasing and fabricating your Shop 160 office pod.

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