If I could stop the world for one day….

This #LETSBLOGOFF post is brought to you by the awe-inspiring genius of….ME. Enjoy. 🙂

If I were Superman and could fly around the world really really fast and stop the earth from spinning, thus stopping time for just one day I would:

First, obviously I would ditch the girly tights and cape.  I mean, seriously, it’s just not fashionable.  Too bad Batman can’t stop time.  Utility belts are awesome!

Once in a suitably masculine change of clothes, the NEXT thing I would do…..well, quite frankly wouldn’t be terribly different from what I do everyday – which is try to be the best damn architect I can be (no this isn’t an army recruitment ad) solving archi-crimes like a mo’fo and rescuing damsels in distress…wait, that’s the wrong story.  It’s so hard to stay focused after spinning the earth to a complete stand still.

Solving archi-crimes would definitely be on my list of “to do” during my one day.  I don’t have lofty philanthropic goals like “solve world hunger” or “world peace” or “get a date with Mila Jovovich”.  I’m much more humble than that (really).  As I said my day would look much like it does everyday:

Awake at about 530-ish, make some coffee (otherwise known as “go juice”) and crank up the laptop.  I check the news, I check my blog, I check twitter – I gotta stay “in the know”, you know?  Once I’ve had my fill of “news”, I try to spend some time either sketching or working on/refining any designs that I’m currently inspired by.  The list of these projects gets shorter with each passing day, but I keep moving forward crossing my fingers for that “one client”.  He/she is gonna knock on my door any minute now……any minute…..right…..NOW!….hmm. He/she must be running late.  Anyway.

With fingers sufficiently ink stained and smudged, and hopefully fully caffeinated, it’s time to get a shower and get dressed for the day.  “Dressed” is a relative term mostly consisting of whatever black clothes I happen to wrestle from the closet (after performing the requisite smell test, of course) and throw over my white pasty body.  Thus clothed and bespectacled it’s back to the computer to organize the tasks for the day, perhaps make a few phone calls, check twitter again and crank up Autocad, also known as “Hell”, and get started with some “creativity” in solving those aforementioned “archi-crimes”.

There really isn’t much else to the day after this point.  It pretty much continues in the same vein until my phone alarm goes off reminding me that it’s time to eat and take a bathroom break, though not necessarily in that order.  If I’m lucky, somewhere in the Autocad fog I might find some time to write a blog post, or finish an unfinished blog post, check twitter again, but then it’s back to Autocad.  On really good days I get to start up SketchUp which always makes me feel like a little kid on his first trip to Disney World (yes, I really am that pathetic).

At some point, long after the sun has gone down, my phone alarm goes off again reminding me that it’s time to sleep, so I peel off the black, once again revealing the pasty white and climb into bed for a few hours of restless sleep where I have nightmares of all those “archi-criminals” taking over my projects reducing them to strip malls and big box retail stores (I typically wake in a cold sweat frantically tearing at my sheets screaming “NOOOOOOO!!!!”)

So, that’s my one day.  Perhaps you may think it’s wasted, but I say no.  Not wasted.  You see, there isn’t anything I’d rather do than slave away in the pursuit of architectural magnificence, solving archi-crimes and putting away archi-criminals to make the world safe from strip malls and big box retails stores and clients who think sentences that begin with “but the contractor told me” will end happily for them (fyi, they won’t – just trust me on this).

2 thoughts on “If I could stop the world for one day….

  1. Keep the cape because Batman had a cape and it was black…he was cool and stoic with a cool car. Maybe Bruce Wayne was an architectural school grad with an inheritance. His bitter resentment was really from too many bad crits from cranky professors. Oh yeah, on a day off, would you really use AutoCAD and not just stick with markers and bumwad? I’ll give you SketchUp.

    • my sketchbook is always at hand (hence the ink-stained fingers)…unfortunately so is autocad. :-\ SketchUp is like a nice piece of candy when you’re little – it’s very bad for you, but it makes you feel just a little giddy everytime you use it.
      Batman was totally an arch-grad. Probably went to Sci-Arch or UofM and hung with Thom Mayne on the weekends. As a matter of fact, now I’m gonna be “Archi-Batman” when I grow up. I’ve already got the “all black” thing down. Now I just need a bad ass mask and cape, a bitchin ride and I’m set. 🙂

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