coworkers attitudes change over time – via deskmag

There is an interesting article over at deskmag, an online magazine dedicated to co-working, about coworkers and their changing attitudes over time. Here’s an excerpt. Link to full article at the end.
“After four years in a coworking space, members begin to lose their satisfaction and attachment. They come in to the office less often and make plans to leave altogether. The Global Coworker Survey shows that the needs and attitudes of coworkers change the longer they stay in their workspace. They switch from flexible to permanent desks, from office hours to 24/7 plans, and desire better infastructure. What can coworking spaces do to retain members?

The Global Coworker Survey compared the reactions of new coworkers to those who have been in their workplaces for several years. In doing this, Deskmag was able to observe the changing attitudes of coworkers over time.”

Read the full article here

2 thoughts on “coworkers attitudes change over time – via deskmag

  1. I still find the idea interesting. Any recommendations or articles on how this can get started? Even if it is only a three or four year arrangement, the idea still has merit.

    • If you do a basic google/bing search you can find a ton of information all across the country – various start-ups and even coffee shops that sponsor “co-working” as part of their business. If you could partner with 2 or 3 other designer/creative types you could find a small space to lease as a co-op and through sites like craigs list find furniture, printers, phones, etc for cheap and be up and running in no time. Desks, workstations and shelving/storage can be made low-tech out of studs and plywood/melamine (think 5th year studio).
      It’s something that just requires a little imagination, dedication of a few participants to start and a clear outline of the needs of the individuals you’re going to be working with. As it grows and takes on real life the space and quality of furniture and fixtures can grow as well.

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