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I like to check my blog stats to see the random, and sometimes very strange, search terms that pop up and even take them over to google or bing to see how far down the list I am.  Today I used a search term that is appearing more and more in conjunction with my blog – “shipping container floor plans”.  So I headed over to google and copied in this tasty little tidbit of a phrase and punched the old “enter” key.  As you can imagine the typical sites like treehugger and inhabitat popped up almost immediately, which is to be expected.  But, one that I wasn’t expecting, and one that I’m happy to have now found is Alan’s blog and flikr stream detailing his construction of the studio pod – a single 40′ High Cube container insulated, finished and completely DIY.  And let me tell you, this container studio certainly gets the “archisexy” seal of approval as I’m sure you’ll agree.

While the entire build took several months and more than a little help from what appear to be very skilled friends, this is just yet another example, in a very long list, of dedicated artists/builders/entrepreneurs/regular joes building their own container structures.  I mean, really how much proof does it take to realize that this is possible, this is affordable and this can be done under your own steam with typically some basic knowledge of construction and a little “trial-and-error” experimentation?

And now for some photos.

1 thought on “the studio pod

  1. Ha! I know what you mean (though I actually like my mother-in-law, so it’s actually not that bad to have her visit). What I love most about this project is other than the huge sliding door that actually took some relatively skilled hands and ingenuity, it’s extremely simple, straighforward and totally archisexy!
    Not only that, but now (if you read his additional posts after the build was complete) others are interested in purchasing fabricated versions of it for their properties! Like you said, WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED?! Awesome!

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