the oblique – 3br/2bth

I’ve been developing this home for about a couple of weeks (it’s more work than it sounds, trust me), and I am extremely excited about it.  The Oblique is a 3 bedrood, 2 bath single family home, with an office, that can either be constructed using a mixture of High Cube shipping containers (9′-6″ in height as opposed to standard 8′-0″) and SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) or only with SIPs.  It can also be modified for slab on grade or stem wall foundations with or without a basement.  The images below are for slab on grade foundations (typical Florida construction).

view of main entry - copywrite 2011 r | one studio arch

view of rear porch - copywrite 2011 r | one studio arch

Using a combination of SIPs and ISBU containers, I was able to design a home that is based on a fixed module which allows for easy fabrication either on site or off site via modular manufacturing.  Because the basic building unit is only 8′ wide, it can be easily set on a truck and shipped to the site for erection after fabrication, vastly cutting down on construction time.  And, coming in at around 920 square feet (conditioned), the footprint is small enough to fit almost any residential site.

This home is also designed with sustainability in mind as well.  All windows are high efficiency, low E, aluminum clad wood casement and awning windows; exterior walls are intended to be R-30 or better; all toilets and plumbing fixtures would be low flow with a recycling gray water system; appliances will be Energy Star or better; and the standing seam metal roof is installed on a SIP roof panel system with integrated solar cells to provide 30-50% of the required electricity for the home.  Rain water collection can also be incorporated for irrigation, flushing toilets and washing dishes.

The Oblique is designed for efficient, sustainable living.  It is not a McMansion, but neither is it a “tiny” house either.  Interior spaces are still generous and open while not adding space simply for the sake of “space”.

first floor plan - n.t.s.

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