shortest post ever

I am slowly coming to the profound realization that I DO NOT want to do commercial architecture.

For me, true creativity, true architecture of an intimate and profound nature comes from private residential projects; detailing takes on a completely new meaning and there is a deep sense of pride in designing a home for a family that will use it possibly for several decades to come.

4 thoughts on “shortest post ever

    • Yeah, I’m sure in another 6 years I’ll have a completely different view on “lessons learned”. There is always something new to learn, appreciate and love about architecture and the profession. Cheers to learning and growing as an architect! πŸ™‚

  1. Something we agree on. I have done nothing but commercial interiors the entire length of my career. I want to design and build homes.

    • Genie,
      I can imagine that gets tedious after a while. Commercial design can beat you down quickly when you realize that the client doesn’t care about the building, only their rate of return and the contractor doesn’t care about the building either, only their rate of return. Unless you have a client like Steve Jobs (not likely for most of us), the architect ends up standing alone in defense of design and responsible architecture. If you really want to get into the residential market, cast your net out there and see what kind of clients flop into your boat. Start small and work your way up with some solid work. You’ll get there. Your real goal should be developing. It’s my firm belief that architects are the only ones with the specific set of skills and foresight to properly develop the commercial and residential projects that make up our cities and neighborhoods. If we could have more input in developing, we may be able to avoid the kind of shit architecture we all hate. πŸ™‚

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