bus shelter

This is a quick rendering that I did for a RFP that I never sent out.  Basically I got too busy with too many side projects that this one slipped right through the cracks and I didn’t even think of it again till I was cleaning out some space on a hard drive and stumbled onto the renderings.

Bus shelters are something of a contentious topic here in Jacksonville.  Which is ironic because we desperately NEED more bus shelters to protect people from the elements.  The reason the subject gets so heated here in good ole Jax is because everyone is in favor of more shelters, BUT on one side are those in favor of adverts and the other side is adamantly opposed to them.

That debate aside, I came across this RFP call to artists to design a bus shelter that would be placed in various sites throughout a small mid western city.  Some initial thoughts that I had on “what makes a good bus shelter” were:

cover from the elements
lighting at night
and yes, adverts

These, to me, make up the basic necessity of the bus shelter.  And I came up with this design which incorporates all of these things.  The shelter provides cover from the elements while still allowing you to see in either direction so you don’t miss your ride; it provides lighting during nighttime hours or during inclement weather via solar power and provides signage and adverts digitally on the rear wall – this is a bit of genius on my part if I do say so myself.  😉

What say you?

daylight render - copywrite 2010 - r | one studio arch

night render - copywrite 2010 - r | one studio arch

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