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I stumbled onto the Architizer website a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the work displayed by hundreds of Architects and Designers all over the world.  Check it out and check out our profile.  Maybe make your own profile and start sharing your work.
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container homes – a fad or niche?

While designing my first container home (check our residential portfolio for more information), I did some research via the web on what is out there concerning using shipping containers for residential construction and discovered more than I had hoped for.
There seems to be a whole movement, or sub-culture, that is moving away from the typical big box homes of today’s suburbs and moving towards more efficient ways of living.  I’ve come across several blogs that are worth mentioning.  Major kudos out to these guys and gals for all their work in container and tiny living:
Small Living Journal
Renaissance Ronin (a real wealth of information this one)
Tiny House Design
So, is this simply a fad or a new niche architectural style that is here to stay?  For me, I’m going with a new niche.  I started this whole process by looking at a shipping container to purchase for a shed/studio at my home instead of buying a large expensive shed from the big box home improvement retailers, this is a much cheaper alternative and I can always take it with me.  This led me to think, “could I design a practical single family home out of the same containers, and what would that look like?”  The results have been extremely entertaining.  Designing within so little space forces you to rethink how you use the space you have.  Looking around my own home I’ve discovered a lot of wasted space that simply can’t be used for any practical purpose other than a place to put “stuff”.  And lets face it, we’ve all got too much “stuff”, as the great George Carlin would say.
In an age of increasing connectivity through technology, the idea of the “home” is rapidly changing and getting smaller.  Designers are finding new ways to utilize available space in ever more efficient ways.  I would encourage everyone to check out these blogs, check out some of my designs (forthcoming) and take a look around your own home/apartment.  Ask yourself, where am I wasting space?  What could I realistically do without?  It’s an exciting topic.  I can’t wait to dive in to design #2 – container 2 square.

sweet article

This is a sweet article I just came across while participating in a discussion about how to convince clients to hire an Architect/Designer.  The article is centered around photography, but easily applies to architecture as well.  It’s worth taking a look at.


ok, so forget the investigation into affordable housing that I posted about the other day.  I just found this sweet competition in Charleston, SC for a new transit HUB and node transit station prototype.  Check it out.  Competitions like this are incredibly exciting and have the real possibility of being built or at least seen on a larger public stage.  Mass transit is an issue that all architects and designers should be engaged in, so I encourage anyone out there to check this out and put your two cents in.

Challenge no 1

Design and construct a single famy home, 3br 2 bth, for $100k or less. What does it look like? Is it a true modern home or something more traditional? Does it utilize sustainable tech to bring down operating costs or simply use energy star appliances? What materials and finishes do you employ?
In the next 30 days I’ll try and answer these questions. As well as, how does the modern family live? What are the requirements for today’s family life? How does modern tech impact the way families interact today and how does that affect the design of a home? Does it matter?
It seems to me that we’re entering a time when the old ways of doing things, of designig homes, needs to change.