container studio – in progress

We’re moving forward with the container studio and it’s turning into an even more interesting design than originally thought.  Designed for a local artist/painter, the studio is designed as (3) 20′-0″ shipping containers, in an “L” configuration (see images below) with a small exterior platform, almost like a porch.  The interior space will be mostly open with space dedicated to display, storage, production and cleaning.  By cutting through the container top, we can increase the head room within the space to about 8′-3″, instead of the measly 7′-6″ that is typical.  By using a standing seam metal roof with a low slope, we can collect rain water at the rear of the studio for use in a shop sink for cleaning.  It also allows for a low profile, which is important since this is a residential neighborhood.
Enjoy the eye candy.  We’re still in development, but this gives you the essential idea.

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