sat in on a BIM seminar this morning.  talked about how BIM is used more as a tool to minimize errors and omissions on the CA side of things and as a tool to increase coordination and collaboration on jobs.  i must admit i know very little about BIM.  i’ve mostly taken the “it’s just like microstation” tact when it comes to converting from autocad (i.e. ain’t gonna happen), but after listening to the speaker speak so well about the benefits, and even some pitfalls, of BIM i’m possibly a convert.  i may have to give real thought to adopting BIM as the software of choice for my business.
BIM seems to be a combination between sketchup and autocad (i.e. microstation on crack).  what i’m still very curious about is how easy to manipulate it is on the design side, but that will come from using the program rather than doing any kind of research.  but we’ll get there.  if you haven’t checked out BIM, and you’re either an architect or building designer or consultant, you need to go seriously check it out and try and see it for what it is – a new tool, like autocad, that will help cut down on waste, errors and omissions and increase coordination and collaboration of jobs.
owners/clients will thank you.

2 thoughts on “BIM

  1. Very easy to manipulate from the design side. I have been REVIT 100% for four years now and have not looked back!. Check out my blog…

    BIM has been around for easily 15+ years and is the way our industry is moving… quickly I might add! Owners and clients are now requesting that their project be delivered in it and I can honestly say, it saves time on both the design and construction sides of the coin.

    • Scott, thanks for the comments and the reassurance. Even before your post, and checking out your blog (very nice writing by the way – great content too) I decided to start making the switch to Revit. Mostly to stay on the cutting edge of architecture and technology, but also just for my own personal amusement and marketability. And I’m always looking to play with new modeling programs. Thanks again!

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