in context

below are some google earth images that I’ve taken to see what this tower will look like within the surrounding urban context.  it butts up to two existing buildings, one of which, the old Ambassador Hotel, has been set for renovation for quite some time.  the addition of a project like this could spur major redevelopment in the area, especially with the ongoing construction of the new duval county courthouse just one block away.
jacksonville’s commercial development, especially downtown, has been nearly non-existent in recent years, mostly due to the economic situation, but also because of roadblocks that seem to be built into the local system.  Mostly local development has been limited to new businesses entering old storefronts, which is important, but the number of stalled projects that haven’t been completed is amazing in the Core.  if they city, any city, is really serious about ensuring economic prosperity, then they’ll have to encourage more development like this and remove some roadblocks that hinder developers from coming here.

progress image

this is another view of the progress i’m making on the mixed-use project posted about previously showing the pearl street facade and parking garage.  comments?

downtown jax revitalization

i started thinking about this project about 3 years ago – what would La Villa and the east side of downtown look like if redeveloped.  currently there are dozens of vacant sites in La Villa and downtown in desperate need of “something” other than the myriad of surface parking lots and abandoned buildings that dot the landscape currently.
at first i thought it would be cool to redesign/redevelop the entire urban neighborhood, but that became very cumbersome and mentally exhausting considering the sheer area and the lack of any viable building stock.  the solution then is to choose a block or two at a time and propose a design for some kind of structure, whether it be mixed-use, residential, commercial, civic, etc.  below is the start to the first project i’m proposing for the area.  a mixed-use 25 story tower with an attached parking structure to serve the tower and public.  retail components will take up the entire ground floor of the tower as well as the perimeter of the parking structure.  the tower itself will be broken up into commercial office space, loft condominiums and loft apartments.  the finishing touch is a sky garden for the residents’ use.
more images to come.

edp-jax design competition

edp-jax has announced their 2010 Sustainable Shed Design Competition.  It’s open to an designers, interns or architects within the state of Florida.  Registration opened the 15th.  Check out their blog for more information.

a quick design project

Below is a quick design and model I did of a Craftsman Style table that I plan to build eventually when I’ve cleared away all of my other home improvement projects (which is to say most likely never).  But I thought you might enjoy it, so here it is.