sketching….not so much

i’ve been horribly negligent in my sketching lately.  mostly because i’ve been engrossed in a competition that i’ll be handing in monday, but mostly because i forget to pull out my sketchbook and pen and just sit quietly for 10 minutes sketching.  so i thought i would do a quick google search on architectural sketching to see if anything interesting came up.  i came across this link to a pdf aptly title sketch.pdf.  it’s on the website and it offers some interesting and quick pointers for sketching that i’ve never seen before.  in college we were encouraged to sketch as often as possible in order to hone our hand drawing abilities but were seldom instructed on proper techniques for sketching.
after reading this one page pdf, i’m left with some good techniques to try out to better my sketching abilities and a list of books to look up at my local library to expand my knowledge more on the art of architectural sketching.  i think in today’s age of near light speed advancements in technology, the art of using our hands to create anything not associated with a mouse or computer is getting lost.  architects especially should be taught the art of sketching and be taught to continue it throughout their careers.
this is my incentive to begin sketching again in earnest, so stay tuned for more posts in the sketches section.

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