I’ll post some sketches tonight.  They suck, but I’ll post them.  Promise.

mod pod prototype

Go check out the rendering section for the latest home design by r | one studio architecture.

staying creative

this is something quick I started working on a couple days ago in SketchUp.  It was meant to be more or less an attempt at a new modern house similar to some that I’ve seen online lately, and it’s evolved into an exploration of how homes work.  Stay tuned for more on this subject as well as some new floor plan designs.

something new

I began working on something new to keep myself creative this week.  It’s called Baltimore Infill Survey and it’s on Flikr.  I stumbled across it about a year ago and just never got around to playing with it, but essentially someone took a shot of a large vacant lot in Baltimore, MD and posted it to get some ideas on how it could be made into a gem for the city.  So, with my free time I’ve decided to propose a design.  This project is much like the Urban Facelift Project that I’ve been involved with for a while.  Some of my entries for that have been posted here as well.  This is a first pass at the Infill.  I’ll choose materials and update the lighting later.  Comments are welcome.